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  • Revit history: release 1.0 is 20 years old

    An eyewitness history of Revit 1.0

  • Revit release 1 introductory video

    I’ve always thought that corporate historians gathered history nobody cares about. However, based on traffic to a YouTube video from last year about Revit release 1, I thought it might be convenient for people who find my blog based on searches about my history at Revit Technology (surprisingly, there are more than a few) to…

  • Revit and Building Information Modeling

    This is a post about time. How it goes by — and then unexpectedly comes rushing back on you. Earlier this week, I had to send my¬†mechanical¬†watch back to its maker for some work. That sent me to the kitchen drawer — you know, the one with all the stuff in it — to see…