A day at the races

Who knew (or cared) that this weekend is the swan song for Grand-Am racing? They’ve merged with ALMS and next year will run a combined series. The BMW Car Club had an event this weekend for members today at Lime Rock Park and I figured, “Tricia’s at work…the weather is perfect…I’ve never seen Grand-Am races…and Lime Rock is BMW’s ‘home track’ in the US.”

So I drove to CT today — the color in the Berkshires is just starting — and had a blast.

If you like fast cars and the ear-splitting noise they make, today was an 11.

I thought this M3 was spectacular. Turner is based in Mass. and had a huge presence at Lime Rock — along with some tricked out cars, including an Alpine White F30 335i “project car” (like my car) that had me drooling.

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This is the lone Lotus car on the first lap…

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And this is one of the Porsches on the second lap after the Lotus lost it on the esses and caused about three cars to pile up and smash into each other.

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  1. Shizer Avatar

    Watch the replay of the race, the lotus was not at fault. The TRG Aston went off track, rejoined and collided with the porsche causing it to spin and stop on the middle of the track. The lotus had no where to go.

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