Beating back the BMW European Delivery re-delivery blues

Anyone who has ever ordered a BMW for European Delivery and eventual shipping home knows this part of the drill. You’ve gone to BMW Welt in Munich, picked up an amazing car, had a blast and dropped it off. You knew that waiting for it was going to be hard — everyone says so and besides, you’ve done this twice before.

But none of that makes a damn bit of difference. You can’t stand it. It almost physically hurts waiting for that ship to, literally, come in.

You try everything: more sports, more work, more time with the better half, more time at BMWCCA events. Nothing helps.

You are reduced to re-reading the manual and buying accessories as an excuse to go to the dealer to sit in a car like yours — which of course only makes it worse.

You know you have reached bottom — and are ready for the seven-step redelivery depression alleviation program — when the real-time ship tracking sites become the most-visited tab in your browser.

Nobody (except those as crazed as you who hang out in the Bimmerfest European Delivery forums) has any idea what’s going on in your mind — and if they had any idea, you’d get a lifetime prescription for Xanax.

Wanna know what’s in my head right now? How’s this: “Was scheduled on Asian Vision into Newark on 8/23/2012, but now the car is on Topeka also due on 8/23/2012. Two weeks and counting.”

Rinse, then repeat.





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