Alex is on Mastodon

This post serves two purposes:

First, it’s my way of announcing that I’m on Mastodon.

This is a small #Mastodon server and I am not making any promises about how long it’ll be there. Storage and compute resources are quite limited. But, if you want to join a Mastodon server that’s dedicated to cloud topics, moderate politics, tech, EVs, and cars in general, I welcome you! But be aware that it will be very tightly moderated.

Second, the link above has my verification link in the post. I want that check mark!







2 responses to “Alex is on Mastodon”

  1. Thomas Schäfer Avatar
    Thomas Schäfer

    Your mastodon instance is not reachable via IPv6.
    Please fix the configuration.

    1. Alex Neihaus Avatar
      Alex Neihaus

      Thanks for this report.

      I am working on enabling IPv6 support in and hope to resolve it soon.

      This Mastodon server is behind a proxy and that’s where my challenges are. I’m working on it.

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