Making sense of Azure DevOps

Recently, I was a guest on the MS IT Cloud Pro (@msclouditpro) podcast.

If you’ve ever wondered how the DevOps toolsets of Azure — Azure Resource Manager (ARM), the Azure portal, the Azure CLI and PowerShell fit together — you will be interested in this discussion. Co-hosts Scott Hoag (@ciphertxt) and Ben Stegink (@benstegink) and I have a spirited discussion about Azure “contracts,” Terraform and the RESTful nature of cloud environments.

We end up in what I like to call “violent agreement” that the cloud is complex (duh) and that there’s more to be done in making it intelligible to users. Surprisingly, we also agree that there is no single “right” or correct tool to use in the cloud. But we also encourage users to learn the “bare metal” APIs in Azure (and AWS). The more you learn these core APIs, the less the toolset you use matters. To mix two metaphors, cloud toolsets are just chrome on the cake.

I hope you enjoy the podcast, which you can download here or in your favorite podcatcher.



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