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My first 100% AI generated blog post

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I asked GitHub Copilot to explain a simple PowerShell function…and it did better than I could. The explanation follows verbatim along with the code below. Also, check out the image to the left. Dall-E is definitely hallucinating.

This PowerShell script defines a function named Get-MyIpAddress that fetches and displays the IPv4 and IPv6 addresses of the machine where the script is run.

The function starts by using the Invoke-WebRequest cmdlet to send a web request to This website returns the IPv4 address of the client making the request. The .Content property is used to extract the body of the response, which is the IPv4 address. The -join operator is then used to concatenate this address with “/32”, which is the subnet mask for a single IPv4 address. This result is stored in the $ipv4 variable.

Next, the function does the same for the IPv6 address. It sends a request to, which returns the IPv6 address of the client. The address is then concatenated with “/128”, which is the subnet mask for a single IPv6 address. This result is stored in the $ipv6 variable.

The function then creates a string that contains both the IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. The string is formatted to display the protocol type (IPv4 or IPv6), followed by a tab (`t), the corresponding IP address, and a newline (`n). This string is stored in the $output variable.

Finally, the function uses the Write-Host cmdlet to print the $output string to the console. The -ForegroundColor Yellow parameter is used to change the color of the text to yellow. This makes the output of the function easy to read in the console.

function Get-MyIpAddress {
    $ipv4 = -join $((Invoke-WebRequest "").Content, "/32")
    $ipv6 = -join $((Invoke-WebRequest "").Content, "/128")
    $output = "Protocol:IPv6`t$ipv6`nProtocol:IPv4`t$ipv4"
    Write-Host -ForegroundColor Yellow -Object $output







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