Get a Grip on Miracle Wipe

Do you crunch? Or fold?

After over three years of blogging, I am officially nonplussed.

Update 2019-04-29:  removed Shockwave link. I guess it’s time after almost 10 years not to be so upset. Plus, Shockwave is both dangerous on my website and deprecated.






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  2. Alex Neihaus Avatar
    Alex Neihaus

    I know it’s a complete overshare. But last year when we redid the bathrooms, we got one of these high-tech Japanese “washlets.” Hot water AND a remote control. Laugh all you like, it’s amazing. And I don’t have to buy Comfort Wipe.

  3. limeduck Avatar

    Once you’ve crapped in Japan, it’s hard to go back to paper. Toto washlets are available in the USA now:

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