The Beatles made me do it

Way back in my youth, I succumbed to Beatlemania. That included spinning vinyl Beatles LPs backwards to hear the hidden messages they supposedly contained.

So, when it came time to pick an Internet brand for myself, I spelled “toy boy” backwards. Ergo, “yobyot”. It’s short, it was available and it expresses my love of all electronic toys. (And this is the first time I’ve explained what yobyot means on this nearly six-year-old blog).

Well, a summer trip overseas is coming up and I didn’t want to carry a big DSLR on the trip. What a perfect excuse to buy an expensive compact point-and-shoot. My choice? The amazing Canon S100.

The yobyot is properly blown away. If you want a camera that does absolutely everything well and makes you think you are a better photographer than you really are, this is it.

I thought some of the stuff was gimmicky, especially the selective color setting, until I tried it on some wet plants today.

Herewith some test shots, lightly processed in Lightroom 4.

Click on any image to view all in a gallery.

export-tests-of-s100-img_0048-20120613-2012 export-tests-of-s100-img_0062-20120613-2012 export-tests-of-s100-img_0066-20120613-2012 export-tests-of-s100-img_0069-20120613-2012 export-tests-of-s100-img_0070-20120613-2012 export-tests-of-s100-img_0076-20120613-2012







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