After being a yuppie…I got a BMW and an HDTV


Just when you think you’ve outgrown all sense of fashion, peer pressure and have resigned yourself to your own middle-aged individuality, along comes a jolting reminder than your cohort’s tastes may change, but the pressure to conform doesn’t.

I was scanning a newsletter for a client and ran across this amazing story: BMW owners love HDTV’s. Then I downloaded the entire report and discovered that I am doing precisely what I am being told to do by the marketing machines of several technology and automotive companies.

I took comfort in that. At least if I am not original, I am cooperative.






One response to “After being a yuppie…I got a BMW and an HDTV”

  1. Robert Farago Avatar

    Hmmm. According to that report, buyers of failing domestic nameplates favor country music, while the seemingly unstoppable legions of Toyota buyers listen to talk radio.

    I’m not sure what the Hell that means, but it’s the best food for thought I’ve had in quite some time.


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