All clogged up


This is going to be a short and badly written blog post. It’s devoid of content. It has no theme. It really won’t make that much sense.

I’m trying to expunge a serious case of writer’s block by — what else — writing about it. And I’ve been cursed at the worst possible moment.

I need to write several press releases and can’t. I need to edit collateral. I can’t. I want to update several web pages. I’d better not. I composed a PowerPoint for an analyst this morning. It stinks.

A colleague I was talking with said I needed a “rest.” I’m not sure if she means I’m over the hill or tired. No matter. I’m not fit to write about it.

But at least I know what caused this blockage (if not how long it’ll last). I was searching for images today and came across the most revolting blog post of all time. If this doesn’t “stop you up” then nothing will.





2 responses to “All clogged up”

  1. scubagarth Avatar

    Um, er, ah, yukky. Sniffing sh*t to solve a sh*tty problem… now that’s desparate. Hope you don’t have to resort to that to cure your writer’s block!

  2. Dave Orecchio Avatar


    That revolting post really takes the cake! It is almost as bad as the picture above.

    Good luck with the writing block.

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