Amazing doesn’t describe it

I’m in love…with WordPress.

Since late July, I’ve been using this amazing system to produce blogs. What blows me away is that this system has all the features of industrial-strength commercial software.

Having been in the software biz since the 70s, I never thought I’d ever be able to say that about an open-source, GPL-licensed product. And trust me, WordPress is a real product in every sense of the word as I’ve heard it used in my software experience.

What’s so astonishing to me is that no matter what task I’ve needed it to do in the last 90 days, there’s been either a way to do it in the base product or a plug-in that did it and which we could install and use in minutes.

The plug-in that has just totally blown me away this week is Podpress. This is a simply astonish piece of functionality that turns WordPress into the most amazing podcast feed imaginable. Total time to install and customize: about 30 minutes.

Today, with zero training in PHP (and very little HTML background to boot), I was able to customize a template in WordPress. Though the finer points of CSS and browser incompatibility continue to drive me wild with frustration, for a curious hobbyist, there’s nothing else like it on the Internet. With WordPress and a run-of-the-mill ISP hosting account (1and1 has a great one for $3/month), you can achieve a level of muti-user content management and publishing unheard of for hundreds of thousands of dollars just a few years ago.

I style myself as a geek snob, knowing what’s good and what ain’t in tech. I haven’t got the words to describe how amazing WordPress is.







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