Got snow?

Well, it’s over — over that is except for the backache I gave myself digging us out.

Here in Southborough, the Blizzard of 2013 was a whopper. A TV station said we had 25.5 inches, but I am quite certain we got more than that.

Tricia was scheduled to work Friday, Saturday and Sunday. She didn’t bother coming home Friday; she hunkered down in a hotel near the hospital. Sarah, stuck because the MBTA was shut down, did the same. These RNs take their duties pretty seriously, I must say. According to Tricia, plenty of people were renting rooms near the hospital at their own expense to be able to make their shifts. With parking and the inevitable gouging from greedy hoteliers, many people probably paid to work their shifts.

So, I was holed up alone at home. Amazingly, we did not lose power. I spent the storm warm and comfortable.

The storm spit its last flakes about 11am Saturday. Becca wanted to come home and the plow guy hadn’t arrived. So I blazed my own path with my ancient snow thrower. It’s 100ft from my garage to our cul-de-sac. It’s another 550ft from my driveway to Marlboro Road. I gotta admit: I like using the snow thrower. It’s a cool machine.

Click any image below to view them all in a gallery.

img_0739-2013-blizzard-2013 img_0751-2013-blizzard-2013 img_0762-2013-blizzard-2013 img_0721-2013-blizzard-2013 img_0716-2013-blizzard-2013 img_0735-2013-blizzard-2013 img_0733-2013-blizzard-2013 img_0724-2013-blizzard-2013





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