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Stuffing your face

I love to eat. I can’t cook. Even microwaved Velveeta on Ritz is well beyond my gastronomic capabilities. I am quite content to sit at home all day Sunday, watch football all day and consume embarrassingly large quantities of things the FDA has no labeling standards for.

Still, I have a lot of respect for “foodie” culture, which prizes organic, sustainable and locally-produced food. So, I am very pleased to recommend a new blog,, written by my colleague, Sonal Rajan (get it…”See Sonal feast?”) which is off to a great start with mouth-watering new recipes for things I could only dream of being able to make.

So, Sonal, any time you wanna freeze some of that stuff for me for the next Patriots home game…






2 responses to “Hungry? Check out”

  1. Alex Neihaus Avatar
    Alex Neihaus

    NOW we’re talking…a public commitment to feed me. Just what I was hoping for.

  2. Sonal Avatar

    Alex, although we don’t agree on football (I’m for the Bills), we do agree on food. And all sorts of food. I’d be be honored to make and freeze something yummy for you!

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