All right, so it’s been over a month …


All right, so it’s been over a month since I last posted.

I’ve been busy at work and, well, I must say nothing has pissed me off enough to blog.

Still, I care about having a personal blog and keeping it active. The question then becomes: what to say when you are (temporarily) speechless. Writing blog posts takes practice. If you stop for too long, you lose it. I don’t wanna lose it. This blog is a useful way to keep the digital pencil sharp.

Then it struck me: write the kind of post people who really don’t have anything to say write as their best efforts. Just some blog drivel. The internal dialog began:

“Ah, ha! So nothing you’ve ever written on your blog has been dull, witless or banal, eh?”

“I didn’t mean that…how arrogant do you think I am? I just meant that it would be OK for once to write about something nobody could possibly give a shit about just to keep the blog alive and keep the blogging juices flowing.”

“Sure…what you really mean is what you label ‘ordinary’ is what you secretly hope readers of the blog will find humorous, or at least interesting. It’s a head-fake, ain’t it?

“Well, there was once this sitcom that was ostensibly about nothing in particular…”

“And you want to write the blog post equivalent, eh? All under the guise of ‘nothing to say’.”

“You betcha. Wait until all those comments come flowing in…you’ll see.”

So after all that…this blog post is about the fact that I’ve resumed drinking soda after swearing off it since January, 2007. I had a can of the elixir of modern life: Diet Dr. Pepper with my birthday cake yesterday.

Aren’t you thrilled for me? Stay tuned for the blog post wherein I describe what it’s like to drive a BMW M3.






4 responses to “All right, so it’s been over a month …”

  1. Frank Days Avatar

    Random viral marketing videos can be great ways to keep hope alive. If not, you can always resort the fart jokes. They always kill.

    1. Alex Neihaus Avatar
      Alex Neihaus

      Good idea. Human necessity and blue language always seem to work. I kid you not, a very distant acquaintance asked me Wednesday night how I got the word “shit” through the RSS feed. I don’t think he liked it, but there you go. It worked. He read my post about nothing. And who am I to defy the logic of “bad language” as a blog accelerant?

  2. limeduck Avatar

    Sorry to hear you’re low on bile, are you mellowing out in your old age? I, for one, am happy to see you back on the blog, but then any reader of limeduck can tell you I’ve never had much of a problem with phoning in a blog post now and again to keep things looking lively. A quick photo or random link usually fills the bill nicely. Welcome back to fizzy drinks, too.

    1. Alex Neihaus Avatar
      Alex Neihaus

      Thank you…I am really lovin’ the fizz. Me low on bile? I thought you were the green duck ’round here.

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