Intellectual homelessness

I'm sad.

Lotus Notes — which played a huge role in my career — has been vanquished more or less completely by Microsoft (though they won't stop attacking until the carcass has dessicated into dust). And its (formerly) thought-provoking leadership has apparently come down with an early case of Alzheimer's, is lost and looks like those poor bastards sleeping on the grates in Copley Square next to the Boston Public Library.

What's set me off? This completely trite, pedestrian, and useless bromide of "etiquette" when using instant messaging. Was this supposed to be some kind of post-Foley joke? You know, here's all the stuff he should have done, like remembering to "introduce yourself." Or remembering to "act professionally."

C'mon, this stuff isn't fit for the unsold ad space in an in-flight magazine on Outer Zambian Airways. Or maybe the execs at IBM/Lotus are casting their eyes enviously on the Boston Globe's Sunday business etiquette column. You know…"Mr. Notes says flossing your teeth while emailing is tres rude."

What happened? Why have they given up even the appearance of having one competitive brain cell rubbing against the other?

It's simple: all the good minds have moved on. That's what's left…manners lessons from IBM execs for the collaboration challenged.






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