Is the topic of security “dry as dust?”

I’m going to be a “delegate” (a.k.a. an attendee) at Security Field Day next week in San Francisco. If you aren’t familiar with Tech Field Days, the organizer brings together experienced (grizzled?) technical professionals to meet with companies for an interactive discussion of their products and services. Think analyst briefings as done in the finance industry but with real expertise from the analysts and excellent social media presence for the presenting companies.

Today, the attendees had a pre-meeting for #XFD9 and someone said, “Some think that security is boring…we’re going to try to make the presentations exciting.”

Well, I don’t think security is dry as dust. For me — and my clients — it is the existential risk in enterprise computing today. Among those clients, funding, scrutiny and C-level attention is squarely on security. Nothing else — and I mean nothing — gets as much air time in enterprises today. Ask any practitioner what keeps her awake at night and your answer will almost certainly be about some IT topic that could be labelled “security.”

So, far from this very broad space being dull or boring, I can’t think of anything I’d rather discuss with companies who think they have something that will let us all sleep better at night.

Stay tuned to this blog for updates on what I see and learn at Security Field Day. I’ll also be tooting from @[email protected]. You can also follow on Twitter at @TechFieldDay and



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