limeduck says, “Don’t eat the desiccant.”

Alex Neihaus (l) and David Karp

I had lunch today with an old pal, David Karp (@limeduck and David has recently been promoted to VP of Marketing at

It was a real pleasure working with David at Ipswitch in the mid-aughts. The photo nearby, which he dug up recently, pictures us at a trade show in Singapore called “CommunicAsia,” which always sounded to me like some horrific communicable, epidemic disease. Along with a third person on my team at Ipswitch in those days, we did things in marketing and pr that many companies today would still think advanced and edgy.

Very few people I’ve worked with made the impression on me that David did. Like many truly brilliant people, the creativity just pours out of him — something that’s in short supply among today’s technology marketers. Accompanying the imagination is something even more prized: true geek and analytical skills. That trifecta is rare — and very stimulating. is lucky to have David…and this promotion to an executive marketing level is long overdue for him.

Being with David is not just a rush for his intellectual range — this is one funny-ass dude. David’s humor is the textbook definition of droll. Suddenly, in what might otherwise be a conversion that’s progressing linearly, a little snark comes out of nowhere. Blink and it might be gone. Get it and you can nearly die laughing.

That happened just before we parted ways today. David was telling me that he’d read my post about washing a Volvo car remote. “Ah, you saw that,” I said. “Shocking that it could dry out and still work.”

“Well, I’ve read about putting things like that in rice to dry them out,” David dead-panned.

“Yeah, maybe I shoulda reused the little silica packs with the balls in ’em that come packed with electronic gadgets.”

“Sure, just don’t eat them.”

Maybe you had to be there — but the instant switch from what these things do to the really stupid warning on the package cracked me up. It’s so David, so Dada.

Congrats, buddy…and good duck in the new role.








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