Please…is there something I can take for this problem?

I take a lot of guff from people about my obsession with cars. In particular, I am currently getting no pity — none — for lusting after a new car. Not this one (it's a coupe)…but the one rumored to follow later in '07: a 335i sedan. 

I gotta have one in this color.

Why? It's not the twin-turbocharged 300hp engine. Nope, don't care about about the paddle shifters (though it does mean that I can even buy the car because we have to have an automatic).

Nah, what I want, what's gonna cost me — big time — are the real time traffic reports in the navigation system. Got a navi on my current 330i. But like a real geek, I gotta buy a whole new car just to get a software upgrade.

Isn't there something I can take to control this? 






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  1. Greg Paul Avatar
    Greg Paul

    I’d like one also, Alex!!

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