Summer 2012 reminiscence

It’s the Friday before Labor Day, 2012 — the unofficial last weekend of the summer and I feel like reminiscing a little. The image in my head is the first day of school, say, sixth grade, when the teacher goes ’round the room asking what everyone did over the summer as a way of breaking the ice.

But because I have a blog, I don’t have to wait for my turn. So, here goes.

  • I learned that genius fades faster than a New England summer
  • Faded genius leads to aggressive narcissism
  • Life in Europe may be worth the extra taxes
  • Live in the US is definitely better than in Europe unless you want to send kids to college or you get very sick
  • I thought I’d grown up a little and could handle the long wait for my BMW to be shipped home after I picked it up in Munich. I was wrong. It’s really, really hard to wait for it to arrive
  • I’ve visited a bunch of colleges this summer for “info sessions” and tours. Strip away the pretense, and these institutions practice the hard sell — and they could care less if they load up students and families with enormous debts for the privilege of attending their institution
  • There was a dump truck driver on the NJ Turnpike near the Meadowlands who thought he was in a sports car — and he nearly killed a large number of people
  • 100% of the time I had a workman in my home this summer to do some work, he told me the last guy who did some work in the same or adjacent area did it wrong. 100% of the time
  • Blowing six inches of insulation into your attic is a filthy, nasty job.





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