Sometimes the synchronicity of it all blows me away.

First, I was really excited to discover a completely new, wonderful word: susurrus, which means "a whispering or rustling sound". I saw it it, in of all places, in an editorial today in the Wall Street Journal decrying the public whipping Sir Paul McCartney and his wife are giving each other in their big-time divorce.

That got me to thinking about how corrosive divorce is, as several people and families close to me are dealing with the catastrophe of divorce right now, today. 

Then, I got to thinking about how sururrations of lies, deceit and misdirection were evident early on in a recent personal experience. But you can't hear susurrus when you're inside busting your butt and the waves of mendacity are rolling in on the tide.

Yeah, I know that's a long-winded, OED-over-maxed way of saying, "you can't hear a leaf falling in the forest when you're in downtown traffic." But I am certain some of you reading this know exactly what I mean and to whom it's directed.

And then I was looking for a graphic about gossip (which is usually susurrated). Came across this beauty on Wikipedia which was perfect in its early Soviet anger and matched the Russian theme of another blog post I wrote today over on

It's all too synchronous. 






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  1. David Avatar

    I’ve loved the word болтать (boltat’ to babble or stir up trouble) since Reagan and Gorbachev went at it over Reagan’s (mis?)use of the Russian proverb Доверяй, но проверяй (“doveriai, no proveriai”; Trust, but verify) to which Gorbachev responded with a verion of Reagan’s “there you go again” which was more or less the above Не болтай! Some languages have some wonderfully compact and expressive words.

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