We interrupt this blog for an inspirational message

Those of you who know me personally know that being inspirational isn’t really my forte. I’m much better being snarky and snide. (Though I’ll never master the art of impertinence like @snipeyhead has).

But I needed a new post for this blog to test a fix to a problem and to push the political endorsement I made for a local election down a little in the blog roll. (My guy won, BTW.)

Unfortunately, the only idea that comes to mind today is how I am feeling about something that I won’t describe in any detail except to echo what people have been saying to me: “Wow, you’ve been through a lot.”

While that’s true for almost everyone, for someone like me (a worrier), going through “a lot” can lead to a dark state. Living in a miasma can become habitual.

And when you get down to you last option — the last thing that can happen or that you can do before there are no other options — the stress increases geometrically. “It’s gotta happen this way” or “It’s just gotta work” really don’t make anything happen in the real world.

Still, when that last thing does actually work, you don’t just sigh in relief. You look back and marvel at how humans in general deal with adversity. It’s sappy and totally out of character for me to say this, but the human spirit is an impressive thing.

I know, I know…your eyes are moist and you are welling up.

Don’t worry; the toyboy (did you know that “yobyot” is toyboy spelled backwards? If the Beatles can record messages backwards, so can I) and his snark will be back soon.





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