What would you think about if you had this view for a week?

View of the lake

Good question, isn't it? This is the view from the place we rented for a family vacation this week on Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire.

The weather has been a 10. The water is cold. (This is freakin' New England, for sure.)

And a lot happened. I'm not sure how to sum it all up. 

Daddy's Junkie Music ripped off my kid. She worked all summer to buy a used keyboard from them. They sold it to her with a power supply that would've fried the keyboard. We discovered it and fixed it with a trip to Radio Shack. (Doesn't it depress you when you shop in a rural mall on vacation?)

Growing old: my kid also worked on college essays. This might be the last (or next to last) family vacation.

My younger kid alternated between math drills, swimming (she's officially categorized as a "flying fish" after her earlier two weeks on the Lake at summer camp) and making sure we ate a lot of ice cream.

She also drove a motorized vehicle for the first time at a go-kart place. Crashing three times pissed off the staff, but, hey, it was a safe place to give a 10 year old the controls.

My wife spent the week looking ravishing in the summer sun and spending long hours with me on the deck you see above reading. (I finally got through The DaVinci Code. What bullshit. What pandering. The sacred feminine? C'mon, this was a book that mixed bad religion and homeopathic doses of sex for titillation.)

Finally, tonight as the sun set in downtown Wolfeboro and we sat on the dock eating dinner in the glorious late summer, I realized the difference between Disney and the real world.

At Disney, everything conspires to make the predictable happen. In the real world, when everything is absolutely, unimpeachablly perfect, nothing could conspire to make it so. It simply happens. You're there, you're in the moment, and you gotta make sure you see it when it happens.






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