Would the .094 female visitor to my blog please raise her hand?

Sometimes, a stat just hits you upside the head in an unexpected way. That’s what happened today when I was looking at the gender of people who visit yobyot.com. The disappointing fact is that less than one in 10 (.094) visitors to this blog are female.

Here’s a Google Analytics graph showing this gender lopsidedness.

9.4% of visitors to this blog are female
9.4% of visitors to this blog are female (click to enlarge)

I am, in a word, dumbfounded. Over the past year, as I’ve taken this blog down a more technical path, visits have gone through the roof but the percentage of female visitors has actually decreased.

That’s a shame. IT has always been heavily male but I hoped that by now the Internet would have enticed more females to take an interest in and succeed at the IT career pursuits that float my boat: enterprise architecture, cloud computing, networking and security.

As the father of two females (both of whom went into a career in the “S” of STEM), I know that we are losing out when IT is almost exclusively a boys’ club. And it’s sobering that despite all the attention STEM is getting, it doesn’t seem to be drawing girls and women into the industry.

So, would the .094 female who visits this blog please leave me a comment and let me know what she’s thinking? We need a lot more like her.






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