You are what you do

I've been cartharisizing here lately about my own apparent naivete.

But today, I want to rant about something else: those who profess integrity but define it by their own standards. You know, the ones who think nothing of copping a little free music from the 'Net or making promises they have no intention of keeping.

They're hard to read at first because they really don't think they've done anything wrong. Only later, when they're exposed do you experience the full force of the contradiction: they're mendacious by most objective measures, in fact by any measure, except their own. 

But the reality is that when you're an lying asshole, you're simply a lying asshole. Protest all you want, get all the sycophants who need you to help nestle you in a cloud, but you're still a lying asshole.

Damn! I feel better.






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