You drive, you text…you die. Just try not to kill me, too

Every day for nearly 17 years I’ve commuted on the Mass Pike between my home and workplaces in Cambridge, Boston, Burlington and, now, Waltham.

Drivers on the Pike have long been deserving of the appellation “Masshole” — you can’t believe what I’ve seen people doing.

They eat, they sing, they use bedpans, they trim their nails — heck, they even paint their nails — they throw things at you, they drive winter “beatahs” so they can dare you to slam into them when they cut you off at 90MPH to get onto 128.

But nothing has scared me more lately than watching Weston Betty in her white-over-tan LandRover and Wellesley Chad in his black A7 texting. They text with one hand…they text with both hands. They take cell phone photos of themselves cutting people off, then they text the pix to family members with a “woot.”  They text while they are using the bedpan. No matter that it’s illegal.

Now, finally, there’s a YouTube video for them that should be required viewing before being issued a Fast Lane an EasyPass transponder. And since it’s British, it doesn’t fade to black when the gore starts.

one pixel transparent image






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