It’s still a thrill to score 100%

My quiz scores so far in ER22x — click to enlarge

Recently, I posted that I was anticipating with excitement an online course called Justice (ER22x) at

I’ve been taking the course since mid-March and, like any good class, there are quizzes. They’re actually nail-biters since even though they are online, you only get once chance — just as you would in the real world.

I just finished Quiz #2 (there are a total of the five in the course). Quiz #2 was a little on the tough side — an escalation in difficulty that also maps to the real-world experience of taking a course like this. And there’s also a final exam which I am sure won’t be a cake-walk either.

Nearby I’ve posted my grades so far. To some, this will seem, ahem, adolescent. But I am amazed at just how good it feels to be engaged academically and the sense of accomplishment I feel. The online experience is so real, it feels just like it did in college. So, since it’s not a competition (one difference from the real world experience), I trust I won’t seem arrogant.

Bottom line: everyone can probably find something to excite their brains at And the price is right: it’s free.






4 responses to “It’s still a thrill to score 100%”

  1. Isabella Avatar

    Hey sorry to ask but i do need those answers (edx justice) ,could you help me pls pls,…

    1. Alex Neihaus Avatar
      Alex Neihaus

      You’re kidding, right? After you read my post, which criticizes this very behavior, you leave a comment asking for answers for the final? Sheesh…

    2. helio Avatar

      amigo pelo amor de deus , me ajuda com essas resposta por favor ?

      1. Alex Neihaus Avatar
        Alex Neihaus

        The answers are…

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