DigiCert comes through again

I’ve blogged before about how much I like using DigiCert Certificate Authority services. They helped me through a very tough SQL Server SSRS installation, going way beyond to make sure I got it done. 

Let’s face it, being a CA is a license to mint bits and print money. There are only two things a CA has to differentiate itself from among all the other CAs out there: trust and excellent support. As demonstrated by what happened to Symantec, a CA needs large measures of both.

Today, I was reminded (once again) of how deep trust and support go at DigiCert. 

I needed to change the common name of a wildcard cert and invalidate all prior certs. Dreading the effort, I chatted with Sebastian who told me I could do it myself, right from the UI by simply uploading a new CSR.

Then, DigiCert ran me through a DNS ownership email loop to prove I own DNS for the the new wildcard domain.

Trust and support; done in 20 minutes.

It seems like every time I come into contact with DigiCert they make a cert-newbie like me successful. 






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