A love affair that just gets better and better: WordPress 4.2


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On the off chance that you don’t know how much I am smitten by WordPress, this short ode to WordPress 4.2 should do it. Conversely, you all know by now how much I abhor Drupal. So, recruiters, stop sending me Drupal contracts, OK? Just because my blog comes up when you search for Drupal developers does not mean I would ever take another Drupal contract.

WordPress is, IMHO, the best software product ever produced. It has done more to enable personal expression than anything since the printing press.

I’ve loved the platform since I began writing Thinking Aloud in 2006. WordPress is my 21st century digital diary and has given me a soapbox to rant, admire, discuss and document anything and everything I care to take the time to write about.

This post, for example, began with WordPress 4.2’s enhanced “Press This” bookmarklet, an elegantly implemented way to make the whole ‘Net easier to include in WordPress content.

Code is poetry, for sure. Thanks again, WordPress.







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