Thank you!

It would be a overstatement to claim that this blog has been an overnight success — it’s been more a slow burn. A slow but steady slow burn.

Still, a half million views for a personal blog is worth…well…blogging about. 🙂

I know for fact that without the people who take the time to write about what they have learned (the hard way), I wouldn’t have been able to achieve this level of readership. Technically, I stand on the shoulders of hundreds of other cloud computing bloggers.

I also hope that my (sometimes feeble) attempts to explain the wondrous stuff I’ve learned while deploying #Azure and #AWS has helped you and in some small measure repaid those whose technical altruism has assisted me.

So, thank you to allow those who’ve read these posts — and to the many more who who have inspired and helped me achieve this milestone.






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