The faster we go, the rounder we get

circlesYup, the title of this post is from the from the Grateful Dead’s 1968 album Anthem of the Sun. While I am no deadhead, I bought the album as a kid and thought, “Hey, these guys are trippy.”

And that’s an apt description of my new WordPress theme, called “Spun” and developed by Caroline Themes. I can’t get the theme to do a damn thing — it’s ignoring my sidebar widgets and I’d give anything to be able to figure out how to make the very light text just a tad darker before you hover over it. (You should see this theme’s style sheet, it’s a trip all its own.)

Good luck finding the comment link (hint — look for a vanishingly grey “+” symbol at the bottom of this post).

Still, it’s lovely, minimalist and…circular.





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