Turn left…Brake NOW!…SLOW DOWN!!

I realize that recent posts on this blog have veered wildly from maudlin to manic. But, hey that’s life, ain’t it?

Today’s news is that Massachusetts has minted another new driver, who models her newly printed learner’s permit here.

Having thought through this process in detail in my mind, I realized she’d want to try the permit out as soon as possible — a scary thought for a driver who has never before been behind the wheel of 3000 lbs. of motorized metal. It’s even more frightening around here, where the appellation “masshole” applies to maybe three out of five drivers one encounters on the Commonwealth’s crumbling highways.

So, in a very effective bit of long-range planning, today was not the first time our new driver took the wheel. In fact, we’ve been practicing in parking lots for months. Simple stuff: getting set behind the wheel…where the controls are…turning left and right…stuff you shouldn’t have to learn the first time you are in traffic.

The results? This brand-spankin’-new driver was able to drive home from the Registry safely and almost perfectly.

It was with self-preservation in mind that I hit upon pre-permit practice sessions. But it worked perfectly. I recommend it to all parents with eager, inexperienced drivers.

BTW, am I alone in being shocked that the mandatory driver’s education class and road instruction costs $800?






4 responses to “Turn left…Brake NOW!…SLOW DOWN!!”

  1. Dave Avatar

    Good luck with the new driver. Not only are the driving lessons expensive, wait until you get your first car insurance bill with the new driver included.

    The cemetery was also used for my young drivers. It was interesting to see which side of the road they decided to drive on when there were no lines in the road. Let’s just say that it was instructive.

    1. Alex Neihaus Avatar
      Alex Neihaus

      Thanks, Dave!

      Wow, what is it with cemeteries and driving permits? Is it the parent’s way of subliminally suggesting something to impressionable young adolescents? 🙂

  2. Alex Neihaus Avatar
    Alex Neihaus

    Thanks, Chris.

    Cemeteries, eh? At least it didn’t presage your driving habits. 🙂

  3. Christopher Avatar

    Excellent. My dad used to let me drive around the local cemetery in his VW Rabbit when I was 13. He sponsored me as I had my permit. Once I got my license, he never let me drive his car again. Hmph.

    You aren’t alone about being shocked about the cost of driver’s ed. I drove my a driving school in Norwood yesterday, and I was shocked when the sign said: ‘Only $599.’ Now I know they mean “only” when they said it.


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