A big moment

Tricia and I are pictured here (click the thumbnail for a larger image) with Sarah, our newly minted cum laude graduate of Simmons College with a BS in Nursing. Sarah graduated last Friday, after four years of intense work in a highly competitive, demanding academic and clinical program. We are bursting with pride, as you can well imagine.

And we are mightily impressed with how she got to this point. She achieved academic honors with a GPA averaged over four years of classes, she worked part time to get experience starting in her first year, she spent an entire summer in an intensive externship and, in her last semester, she endured 168 hours of training by a preceptor.

When I was in college, I thought it was tough. But some programs today (especially nursing) are so competitive, students have no choice but to work their derrières off to be successful. Sarah exceeded even the most demanding requirements of her program.

She hopes to apply her skills in a major Boston teaching hospital, any one of which would be exceedingly lucky to have this smart, hard-working nurse on their staff.

Meanwhile, until her registration exams begin, she is decompressing at home, catching up on four years’ worth of movies, rediscovering waking up at noon and generally brightening the house. This is one of those moments when it’s great to be a parent…a time when the pride and joy of seeing your kid succeed is complete and total. Tricia and I don’t like to brag about our kids, but just this once, we can’t help ourselves.






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  2. Sonal Avatar

    Alex and Tricia – congratulations! You have every right to brag. You raised a good kid. Congrats to Sarah and best of luck to her in the job search! I have no doubt offers will flood the gates!

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