Currensee gets it

I often use my blog to diss marketing that’s stupid, misleading, dangerous or derivative.  This time it’s my pleasure to share marketing that’s on it…at the top-dead-center of the power stroke…so damn good it’ll make your day.

Coffee lovers often talk about the “blend” — a mystical combination of the beans, the roasting and the infusion of hot water that delivers whatever it is coffee addicts see in their poison. (I just see mud.)

In high tech marketing, the “blend” is everything. You gotta have creativity… you gotta have authenticity…and given that small tech startups are either a) a completely new idea and/or b) trying to unseat titans, you gotta have balls to make your point. Big ones.

And my friends at have ’em. Watch this video. In just 1:02, you get it all in the blend. The beans (what is), the roasting (it’s a social network for currency traders) and the infusion of…well…tush into the blend. If you don’t smile — and then head right over to the site — it’s definitely your problem.

My hat’s off to Dave and Michelle for ignoring all the reasons marketers come up with not to stand out and delivering their message (make more money trading money with a group) with a liberal dose of authenticity and humor.

Now…don’t spend too long replaying the end of this video, even if nobody’s watching you.

Update 2019-04-29: Removed. Currensee is dead and so is the idea of social currency trading.






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  2. Michelle Heath Avatar

    Hey Alex. Thanks for “thinking aloud” about us and our video. We’re all about breaking the mold here at Currensee and putting it out there (no pun intended.) You stated it perfectly in your post and it’s really at the heart of who Currensee is and how we are changing the game. Why does marketing always have to go the same-old value prop route in the same-old way? I say, change it up. Think about what’s going to connect with your audience and, for god’s sake, have some fun! We hope people enjoy it. Trader or not, who doesn’t love a fabulous booty?


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