New look, same snark

Back in the good old days at IBM — the days when smokers were allowed to smoke inside the office — the guys would congregate in the back of the office in Copley Place (aka “New Jersey”) and through thick clouds of blue smoke bitch about management. After a moment of silence while we absorbed the drug, someone would inevitably proffer management’s latest outrage (“Shit, they’ve managed my commission down to 120% again,” or “How the hell am I supposed to install a token-ring LAN in that office next week without the freakin’ drivers?”). There’d be another pause, a few drags of the cigarette, a collective sigh and then someone would signal it was time to go back to work by saying, “Oh well, it’s the same circus — just with different clowns.”

For some reason, that memory came to mind tonight when I, for the first time in at least two years, changed the theme here on my blog. This new theme, Ari 1.1.2 by Elmastudio, is, I hope you will agree, pleasant to look at and easy to use. I like it and really appreciate the author’s effort to make something so stylish and so easy to use.

Changing my theme also reaffirms my deep admiration of WordPress and my distaste for Durpal, even though I have just completed a Drupal website for a client. (I recommended Drupal. Same circus; same clowns.)

I really do have more to blog about than just the fact that I’ve changed the look of the blog. And I promise to get right back to more interesting posts. However, the ease with which I was able to transform my blog reminded me that every time I try to do something with WordPress, I succeed. Every time I try to do something — anything — with Drupal, I want to cut that freakin’ clown’s head off with a dull, rusty knife.






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