Thinking aloud goes 100% SSL (TLS)
My security grade from SSL Labs (click to enlarge)

I am very pleased to announce that this blog, Thinking aloud, is now 100% SSL (actually, TLS).

I did this for a couple of reasons. First, it was a great learning experience. Thinking aloud runs on an Azure virtual machine. That allows me complete control of the web server and its settings. Setting up the Apache ciphers, keys and certs was fun. (I know, I know…I have an odd definition of fun.)

Second, Google is reportedly favoring sites that use 100% secure connections. I can see why. The Internet is, forgive the phrase, a cesspool. Making sure you are connected to the site you think you are is one way to make things a little less, ahem, stinky.

From now on you can rest assured that what you are reading is pure, unadulterated Alex.






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