Decisions…decisions or another in a continuing series of Drupal-basing posts


You know that area at the bottom of your LinkedIn profile where you get to claim that you know something about something?

I don’t spend a lot of time on LinkedIn but I noticed that I claim to know Drupal, hours after launching the new, a website I did in WordPress. I not only survived the experience, I am more convinced that ever that WordPress outclasses Drupal in so many ways that I hope nobody ever begins a new site in Drupal again. That’s a sentence for extinction. But it’s a just result for a system that not even its mother can love.

I’ve railed against Drupal on this blog repeatedly here, here and here; and started gushing about WordPress over five years ago. At least I am consistent.

The question for me now is, “Should I remove my claim to know Drupal from LinkedIn?” Is it still a valid claim? I know enough about Drupal to not wish it on my worst competitor. I know enough about Drupal to make a convincing case to run away as if from a fire to any executive or webmaster thinking about a content management system. I got my hands dirty in a failed attempt (yes, it was my own doing) to make a good Drupal site. Is that “knowing it” in the LinkedIn sense? Wouldn’t someone want to know the truth about Drupal? And after my experiences, aren’t I the perfect person to deliver that assessment?

What do you think? Should I remove the claim from LinkedIn? (And yes, one day soon, I’ll stop blogging about Drupal. Promise.)






3 responses to “Decisions…decisions or another in a continuing series of Drupal-basing posts”

  1. Kev Avatar

    Keep it you your CV and when asked about it, tell your recommendation to avoid it if possible. 🙂

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  3. Michael Cucurullo Avatar

    I would leave it in, heaven knows how many other people are in the process of crashing and burning from Drupal and your first hand experience might prove invaluable…

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