Why everyone should pay $10 for Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo where it belongs: in the corner
Amazon Echo where it belongs: in the corner

Everyone has an opinion about the Amazon Echo; here’s mine. Amazon Echo is the best $10 kitchen radio and timer ever invented.

Nearby you see my Echo pictured. It’s banished to the least desirable part of the kitchen: the odd corner where you can’t fit a countertop appliance.

Totally out of the way in this humble corner, I have discovered that Amazon Echo excels at being a voice-activated kitchen radio and timer.

Being a messy cook and wanna change the station? Just ask Alexa. Meticulous about brewing tea? “Alexa, set an alarm for three minutes.” Need the news? Tell Amazon Echo to tune in the local news radio station.

It’s these mundane kitchen tricks that makes Echo a breakthrough. Stuff we never thought would benefit from voice recognition does get easier. Talking in the kitchen is so natural, you soon forget you ever felt odd talking to an appliance.

What Echo doesn’t do well are the things that would make it worth $200. Things like decent audio quality (like Sonos) or design appeal (like anything from Apple).

So, do what I did: get some serious discounts from eager credit card companies, join Amazon Prime and get the price down to $10.

You will never burn anything again.






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